Wow! De girl gaat echt goed. Eerst wint ze vier awards op één avond en nu dit. We are proud of you, Camila.

Op Instagram deelt de Havana-zangeres een foto met een platina certificaat van haar album Camila, waaronder haar hitsongs Havana en Never be the same. Havana is maar liefst 7 keer platinum gegaan en Never bet he same 2 keer.


Onder de foto staat een lange caption, waarin ze onder andere vertelt dat de awards en cijfers geen drijfveer voor haar zijn, maar dat het wel amazing is dat zoveel mensen naar haar muziek luisteren. You go girl! Verder heeft ze het over hoe ze begon met het schrijven van liedjes en hoeveel tijd en aandacht ze erin stook. Aw.


But wat houdt platina precies in? Als een liedje 30.000 of een album 40.000 keer is verkocht, krijgt de artiest een platina-award. In het Engels heet dit platinum.

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THIS IS ONE OF THE MOST SPECIAL, MEANINGFUL THINGS IN THE WORLD. My album went platinum, Havana is now 7 times platinum, and Never Be The Same has gone two times platinum!!!!!!!!! Numbers and awards don’t drive me, but it is really special that this many people wanted to listen to my music- I used to get up at 7 am when I was 16 and write songs to other people’s instrumentals in my garage band. I carried them around for years thinking no one would hear original songs from me for 10 years LOL, but then came time to write my first album in a real studio- it was one of the most special, intoxicating, consuming experiences of my life – I poured every part of myself into it and it really feels like every song is my baby. When any of you say something about real friends or in the dark, or any of the deep cuts,and tell me what they mean to you or that you relate- it means more to me than anything else. Because to someone’s song means you like the song (and that is also insanely special) but listening to an album means you are willing to take the time to travel into their world, into their mind, and into their vulnerability. I’m lucky that songs like Havana and Never Be The Same are ones that are so personal to me that they also feel like secrets or fun parts of me that you guys sing along to, but you willing to take the time to listen to the whole album- means more to me than you know. @Frankdukes thanks for being the most talented, driven, passionate producer ever and doing this with me and being a big brother to me, thank you to all of our incredible collaborators!!!!! And to you guys, thank you for giving me your time, for listening, for caring- I can’t wait to show you the next chapter soon- it’s already the most special thing I’ve ever worked on and I am already peeing myself (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

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