Alle girls hebben last van insecurities, zelfs Gigi Hadid. Vorig jaar schreef de girl een open brief aan alle peeps die iets gemeens te zeggen hadden over haar body. En sindsdien is het eigenlijk alleen maar beter gegaan met haar awesome carrière! In een interview met Vogue reageert Gigi nog één keer op de emotionele letter.

‘That was the journal entry that I thought would help people and let people know that they can speak up and defend themselves. Everyone is affected by the pressures that come from being on social media. We’re all human. I’ll never say that it doesn’t affect me. Sometimes it’s harder than others.’

I’ll post a picture and one person will say I’m too fat and
three comments down someone’s calling me anorexic. So it happens to everyone. We all go through it and no one’s alone in that for sure.’

You go girl!