Oké. Jaloerser dan dit worden we niet. Taylor Swift nam een Swiftie backstage tijdens de Grammy’s. AAAAGH! 

Jill Ralke plaatste een bericht online dat ze naar de Grammy’s ging en ja hoor! Taylor Swift reageerde erop… TayTay’s journaliste vond Jill en nam haar mee naar Tay. 

Dit is wat Jill te vertellen had over haar awesome experience:

So we got led underneath the stage and I walked where all the celebs walk and where the tour prep would be for the speak now and red and fearless tour at the staples center AND IT IS SO DANG COOL LIKE ITS SO HUGE I WAS GETTING A BACKSTAGE TOUR. It felt like the walk was forever but the smile on my face was just so huge. At that point, I knew we were close cause there were so many people and I got to go under the tunnel where Taylor said she almost hit her head once cause its so short. And thats where I saw Sam Smith