Bij The Jonathan Ross Show, geeft Jesy toe: ‘The way that we feel about ourselves. Especially in the beginning. I think there’s a lot of pressure, especially for young girls, to look a certain way and when we went on The X Factor we didn’t look that great and we got a lot of stick for it and it was hard. Obviously we’d just been thrown into this whole experience so we’d never experienced anything like this and it was just a bit of a shock to the system.’

Gelukkig kunnen de meiden nu een stuk beter tegen kritiek: ‘We still get it now but I think we’ve grown a thick skin now to it all. It’s hard especially when you’re so young and you’re not used to people just being able to comment on what you look like and being able to see it in front of your face, it’s hard.’

That’s true girl! Maarreh, wij vinden jullie girls juist a-ma-zing! Inside & out!