Oh no! Meghan Trainor wilde eigenlijk stoppen maar fan meetings. De girl was zo geschrokken van de tragische dood van Christina Grimmie, dat ze het niet meer aan durfde om haar fans te ontmoeten. Gelukkig heeft ze uiteindelijk toch de moed gehad om ermee door te gaan.

‘Last show I did in Buffalo, I went out after. It kind of slowed down and everyone was leaving. I went out and said hi to some fans. My heart was beating and I was like, ‘You got this, you’re okay’. And I saw my team circled around us subtly. I was like, ‘There’s my manager, there’s my security, there’s my brother, and there’s my assistant, and they’re all protecting me. And I was like, ‘We can do this’. And we did it until the last person left. Then I was like, ‘Guys I can’t do this anymore’. Because of Christina.’