Iedereen wilt in
de squad van Taylor Swift en dat is natuurlijk wel te begrijpen, want het is nou eenmaal awesome. In een interview met Kylie And Jackie O. vertelde de girl wat je moet doen om bij de squad te horen.

Yeah, you get this whole hazing thing, you have to do initiation, it was pretty intense – it was much more training than I’ve ever had to do with any of my films. Axe-throwing, you name it, I had to do it to be in Tay’s squad.’

Of course she was kidding…

‘Oh and Taylor? She’s just an amazing friend, and an amazingly supportive one at that, and I feel very, very thankful to have her in my life. I do laugh when people are like, ‘Oh, you’re in her squad,’ and I forget that’s what people call it. And I go, ‘Oh gosh, do I have duties today?’

Zijn ze geen bestie goals?