We dachten toch echt dat het goed zat tussen Jesy Nelson en Jake Roche. Dat werd laatst door
Jesy bevestigt in een interview, maar nu blijkt alles toch anders uit te pakken…

In een interview met
The Sun Online vertelt een vriend van het setje: ‘Their relationship became strained and they grew apart. They started rowing and it became too much. It’s over as far as Jesy’s concerned and there’s no going back. The wedding is off and her engagement ring won’t be going back on. Jesy’s so busy with her career and she’s throwing herself into work.’

‘Both Jake and Jesy’s families have been left reeling from the split and everyone is terribly upset by it. At the end of the day, they just want them both to be happy and if that mean’s they’re apart then so be it. They’re both young and they could work it out in the future. They had a great time together and have a lot of happ